Monday, July 25, 2011

You wish you could rhyme about your love life

After watching Friends with Benefits (which was NOT as good as No Strings Attached for those of you who were wondering) it ends with the thought, "there is one person you are supposed to be with, and don't let them go if you've met them already." So of course I immediately applied the movie to my life, and I started to wonder....did I meet Mr. Right already? Clearly it's time for a rap flashback down my man memory lane....

**Names have been changed to protect the..well...not so innocent...

This is the tale about an awkward ginger named Rosie Red
And her entertaining boy tales that will be the best thing to get stuck in your head
Her first boy encounter was with Kayak Jack, and was the talk of the school
That ended before it started, and she felt like a fool
In grade level 10 the love bug did bite
After several cups of everclear, one late saturday night
She fell under the spell of "Big Money" Blake
They spent every hour together and her heart he would take
Despite the year of rap love freestyles, things came to a rocky end
When she discovered incriminating pictures from a beach week drinking bend
Poor Rosy was heartbroken but then who came along?
None other than Hicktown Henry to pick her up and make her feel strong
This was a relationship her friends warned her about
But Rosy ignored them and shut everyone out
Three years passed, sometimes they would scream and fight
On the couch watching movies was a typical weekend night
After tons of ups and downs and finally listening to friends
She got her freedom after a year in college and broke her old lady trends
Through the next couple years good ol' Hicktown would reappear
But there are only so many text message love songs one cares to hear
The end was solidified when his redneck ways came to a peak
Eventually hunting and deer was the only subject he would speak
Rosy realized camouflage wasn't her thing
and aimed more towards the casual college fling

Part 2 TBD....What is going to happen?!?!?! You'll have to wait and see! I know you're all on the edge of your seats....


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