Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tequila and Crabs...what a combo!

Although it wasn't too good for my calorie count or bank account...we went to a bunch of really fun places in DC this weekend!

1. Mexicali Blues
My roommates and I have been talking about going to this place FOREVER. It's right in the middle of all the Arlington bars, and who doesn't love Mexican?
 We got those super huge margaritas for $8.99, what a deal!
 ...and you can't really go wrong with tequila on the appetizer menu!

2. Lauriol Plaza
MEXICAN NEVER GETS OLD! This one's actually in DC on the Northwest side. It was Andree's mom's birthday and it's one of her favorite spots.



The service isn't the best. We were waiting for a good 15 minutes before even being greeted by the server. But if you are just there for margarita pitchers, a happening atmosphere, and good mexican food, this is the place to be! It's definitely not the cheapest, but a must-go spot!
Even Barack and Michelle made an appearance!

3. Phillips Seafood, DC
Deanna and I were awkwardly craving crabs and made an impulsive trip to Phillips at two o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Even at the strange time, the parking situation is AWFUL! Word to the wise though: go on a Sunday, all day happy hour and free meter parking down the street!

 We sat on the patio, but there is no happy hour out there! And you're not really supposed to go order at the bar and take it back to your table...woops! What a stupid rule Phillips. 

 READY FOR CRABS! Looking a little crazy!
Even though Phillips is located in the hood (Southwest DC), it definitely hits the spot if you're craving a reasonable seafood buffet. You can get all you can eat seafood and more, plus a drink, for under $40! Not too shabby. 

One would think that would be enough for one weekend...but I mean it's a holiday. What's 4th of July without a cookout and some festive treats?!
Who doesn't grill in slippers?

Homemade watermelon margaritas...kind of American? Chopping up an entire watermelon was fun...
 Stupidest napkins ever, so of course we impulse bought them at Target
 My American flag fruit pizza!
 Deanna's delicious bean dip!
Oh, and tequila jello shots, complete with salt rim. They were a litttttle strong considering several people actually spit them out. I think we forgot we were celebrating 4th of July and not Cinco de Mayo. Oh well!

Exhausted after this lengthy post? Imagine how I felt this morning.  


Anna said...

Loving your fatriotic dress. WHY DIDNT THAT PIC MAKE FACEBOOK?

Taylor said...

lolllllll it did! I'm just not tagged!

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