Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Best of Washington and My Ever-Changing Life Perspective

I was fortunate enough to volunteer at one of DC's biggest charity events, The Best of Washington, tonight. The event is annually hosted by Washingtonian magazine, and held at the National Building Museum on F Street, NW. I was a volunteer for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which was the charity that the proceeds benefitted this year. It was an amazing event. Not to mention I got a sampling of DC's finest culinary delights (including Georgetown Cupcake and lobster rolls of course) before my shift started! To top it all off I met some really cool people! It was definitely a worthwhile experience. Here are some pictures from the night!

One of the many open bars :)

Georgetown cupcake booth, and they gave all the volunteers a box to take home because over 100 of them got slightly smashed! YUM! Try the PB Fudge flavor if you've never had one!

BMW was a sponsor and there were cars inside and outside the building

Put put and bocce ball court, along with corn hole in the center of the floor as well

White green tea sangria that was DELICIOUS 

Fancy shmancy corn on the cob

Lobster rolls! My personal highlight

The venue was beautiful

View from the VIP Lounge

Overall, it was a great night. One of the volunteers rode back on the metro with me and she is seriously one of the coolest people I've met in a long time (perhaps because she was a scorpio like me). In my eyes the night was a success. I volunteered for a great cause,  did some networking, and officially started my post-grad event portfolio.  

Recently my life has been full of such ups and downs. One thing I've realized is how important it is to stay true to yourself. Don't hold back who you are because you are nervous or worried about what other people will think. If people don't like the real you they probably aren't people who belong in your life anyway. Life has a strange way of sorting itself out, so my advice for the night is don't settle for anything less than your dream. Just because things seem totally out of your reach today doesn't mean that you won't stumble into your destiny tomorrow.

Well that's enough deep insightfulness for one evening. Sleep well everyone. I know I will! :)


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WHOA emotional overload at the end. AAH.

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