Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spinning the Night Away!

It's about time for a spin post! Here are some tips for all you beginning spinners. Even if you have been spinning for awhile, there might be some tips you didn't know too! Get the most burn for your workout by having the right form!

The bike has three points where you can adjust: the handles, and seat vertically and horizontally. 
To measure the proper seat height, raise the seat to the equivalent hight of your thigh when you raise it to a 90 degree angle. Remember the letter of the alphabet you set it on for next time! (Mine is all the way at "O" because of my ridiculously long legs) p.s. sorry for the myspace picture....

Now, get on the bike and flip the petals upside down. Extend one leg fully while standing on the upside down pedal. Your leg should be completely straight. When you flip the stirrup over and place your foot inside your leg should be at about a 30 degree extension when you sit down and are ready to ride. This is how you know if you have the right height for your seat!

To figure out how far forward or back you need your seat adjust it to the point where your arms sit comfortably at a slight bend. Then remember this number for next time as well! You NEVER push your weight forward on your arms during a spin class, they are just to keep your balance. Your upper body should be relaxed your entire ride. Push your weight backwards and let your legs do the work! (It will save your butt from getting sore too!)

**As far as the handle bar adjustment, that is more dependent on your comfort. Keep it higher if you are a beginner, and it should NEVER drop below the height of your seat! (I keep mine around 9)

This is the perfect type of water bottle because it's easy to access without disturbing your ride!
When you pedal you want to make sure your feet are FLAT. This is crucial in order to burn the most calories and get the proper workout! You also want to push your feet in a circular motion as if you are trying to hit every number on a clock. Especially focusing on the 5,6, & 7 area in your pedal stroke will target your booty! :)

Totally off topic, but my resistance chart for my class today! :)

And big kudos to the 9am class today for being super excited today! :) Happy cycling!


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