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Well you know what March means in college...SPRING BREEEEAAAAAK! Cue crazy beach party scene.

However, being the elderly, sophisticated, seniors that we were (and the fact that we'd had our share of college spring break experiences) a friend and I decided to have a very low key last spring break. I tagged along to Jacksonville with friends who were going to a wedding so I could visit my my old internship pals who were working at the Omni. Then we ended the week in Destin, FL. As I have repeatedly raved...I am OBSESSED with Destin. My high school best friends had spring break there a week later so I was able to pop back over for a day the next week to visit them as well!
Marc and I in Jax!
We might have gone to Destin alone but of course we made friends at Baytowne Warf...
I'll try to act like I wasn't upset that Florida State's spring break was a week too early.. :(

This may seem like an immature, somewhat alcoholic statement. I am Irish and have red hair so I say...DON'T JUDGE. Tallahassee is one of the BEST places to celebrate St. Pat's. All the bars open at 6am and don't close until 2am the next morning. I started the morning at 6am with a jog to Po' Boys on Pensacola. The day consisted of green beer, eye brow waxing?, drunken class attendance (professors who actually had class that day...seriously what do you expect?), awkward run-ins with EVERY romantic interest I ever had within all 4 years, a potluck at my ghetto abode, somehow ended up in midtown, and ended the night with quite an interesting pledge cab ride home. Oh college.
Here are some pictures from my facebook album entitled, "St.Patty's 2011...20 hour madness." Cute Taylor, no idea why employers aren't jumping to hire you...
Little and I at my potluck
Oh Bullwinkles, of course
Here is yet another lovely video I sent to my mom. Apparently I really loved the fact she got a smart phone, even if it is a Droid...yuck. And is my voice really that screechy and annoying?

Phi Mu's annual fundraiser, Grandslam was at the end of the month. Yours truly was co-philanthropy chair, and planning an elimination softball tournament for a bunch of frat boys is much more stressful than you can even begin to imagine! The day was a success though, and we raised over $2,000 for Children's Miracle Network. It was truly a rewarding and huge learning experience! (Plus our baseball tee's were super cute!)
Philanthropy Chairs!

Last Phi Mu Social :(
Socials were one of the highlights of sorority life. Who doesn't love to dress up in crazy themes and have a bar rented out exclusively for your sorority and another fraternity. The last one I was able to attend was the Hunters and Hippies social with ATO at Paradigm. 

I was going to combine March and April but there was just WAY too much going on. Next month is graduation...eeeeeek.
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January & February

Happy New Year!
I actually managed to stay at home for the entirety of winter break. Old flames were finally put to rest, and I spent New Year's Eve in Georgetown at the waterfront with the old high school gang, drama free. Luckily I spent most of the night with two of my long-time best friends, Andree and Deanna.

2011 meant my LAST semester of college. 
I had a really challenging 9 hours of course credit that stood between me and graduation:
-Professional Selling (joke)
-Senior Seminar and Leadership in Hospitality (still somewhat of a joke) although we did read Danny Meyer's "Setting the Table." If you are a foodie or into leadership, check it out! He tells a truly inspirational success story!
-Strategic Management and Business Policy- (NOT a joke, considering I didn't even fully understand the title of the class) However, I learned lots about company policy, and CEO's, aka learned what my Dad actually does with his life, so I guess that was insightful...

Brittany and Leah also made it back to Tallahassee for a Phi Mu family reunion. The night consisted of breaking Brit's fiance, Dave, into our family antics... and lots and lots of tequila of course.

I was also still working at good 'ol Logan's Roadhouse. Oh the waitressing days filled with such kind-hearted, classy, Tallahassee locals...See the end of this previous post for my thoughts on this fine dining establishment. Yeee Haw!
A server's worst nightmare...

February...why was that the hardest word I've ever had to spell in my adult life?

This was one of my rougher college months.
Things finally hit the fan with the roommate situation. There's only so many drug-induced girl-on-girl ragers and roommate live-in boyfriends I could handle before I decided to move out. Wouldn't you know the only place my lease would transfer me free of charge was the hood of all Tallahassee hoods. Here is video documentation I sent my mom. I'm sure she rested easily knowing this was where I spent my last 4 months of school... woops!

Excuse the sweat and lack of makeup, yikes. 

On a lighter note, we took a trip to the big apple for Deanna's 22nd birthday which was a blast! 

Also, I worked at the Tallahassee Bridal Expo for the travel agency! Having an internship planning Honeymoons was like, the best thing ever! Another added perk was actually humoring some of the locals who really thought that they could afford a honeymoon in Tahiti...but hey, let them dream I suppose. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Year in Review

First off, a special thanks to the blog goddess Anna for my snazzy new layout!

Not that any of you probably care about MY life, but it does go by fast. It seems like the days blend into the months then years. Before you know it you wake up not even realizing all that you’ve done as time passes by. With the ending of each year I usually find myself generalizing if overall it was a win or a lose.

 I remember thinking 2010 definitely was not one of the most fabulous years of my life. I lost two grandparents within a couple months and it just seemed like there were many around me suffering with tragedy, confusion, or loss. 

Now in a blink of an eye, 2011 has almost come to a close. By now everyone has gotten the gist of my rants of life twists and turns, but I think reflection is important and creates personal appreciation and awareness. The next few posts will be my recollections of 2011 (a bit picture and video heavy I'm afraid), and then maybe I can sum up if this year chalks up to a win. I encourage you all to think about all you’ve overcome and completed within the seemingly short calendar year. If nothing else, it helps set the bar for 2012 that much higher!

Hope everyone is recovering from the holidays and getting ready for NYE! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life's certainties...and lack thereof

My out of control Christmas card list this year has taken precedence over my blogging. Also, one of the FEW benefits of being a customer service phone slave is that we don't have much business in December. AKA I am not sitting at a desk bored out of my mind as much this month. I visited my sorority sister Leah in Knoxville last week, and am going to New Orleans next week. Yay for the holidays, jet-setting, and most of all, not working!
Our last New Orleans trip
Anywho, the topic for today is one of my more recent epiphany's. It's so odd to see everyone's never ending finals tweets and facebook status'. Don't get me wrong, I do NOT miss finals week, or school in general for that matter. But it's funny to think about where you thought you would be a semester removed, compared to where you actually end up. 
I remember getting through my final exams, doing the most minimal amount necessary to pull off a B in the class. I harped on how pointless it all was, and how far I was going to go on my own once I just got that diploma under my belt. 
Most of you who know me, know me. I thought I knew myself. I had every move mapped out when it came to my game plan about the future. However, I quickly found out was the one thing you CAN plan on is your plans not turning out the way you envisioned.  
My Dad is a CEO of a healthcare company. Check him out. I'm not lying- he's kind of a big deal. I've always been pretty business and work oriented in result of that. "Career driven" is a better way to put it perhaps? Now looking back I probably should have known better, considering I focused my business degree in hospitality after I burnt myself out of hotels and restaurants in college. My future career was the only thing I was sure of as that crazed college student in the middle of finals. 

I was beyond certain that upon graduation I would immediately move back to DC, have a lucrative job, be great at it, and love it. I mean who wouldn't be jumping to hire ME?!

Granted, the rest was pretty much up in the air, and of course the specifics weren't ironed out. I didn't know where or what this job would be, but I was confident it would happen. Because I deserved it. Because I'm articulate, intelligent, have a great work ethic, and would be sure to exceed any employer's expectation. I've never had to try very hard at anything in life, especially in the work sense, it pretty much came naturally. I always kept a job in college just because I enjoyed it. 
Now 6 months removed I've discovered that's DEFINITELY NOT the case, and I still have no idea what that imaginary dream job is that I aspire to have so badly to make my life "complete."

Now this isn't meant to be a negative post; at least not completely. Ironically, there are several things that ARE present in my life that I wouldn't have bet my life savings on having 6 months ago.
-A nice place to live and roommates I get along with? pshhh wasn't going to count on that one after several failed attempts in that department.
-Friends I can count on, hang out with , depend on, even after being gone all these years eh I left northern Virginia for a reason, I didn't expect more than a few of my original high school closest friends to be in my life
-Actually being in a healthy relationship, and dare I say it, love? considering my track record in that department, and absolute absence of any form of commitment for the past 4 years I'd go with...NO
If you would have told me any of these things were in my future 6 months ago from a Tallahassee classroom window (possibly still drunk racing through my last final...) I would have laughed out loud at you. So perhaps I'm not out there saving lives, making a difference, or taking the business world by storm...yet. I've realized when you don't attempt to map out your life you can't get let down, and therefore you allow life to surprise you (in a good way). 

So the moral is:
Things aren't going to go according to schedule. Somedays everything will just plain suck. But I think that there is a bigger plan, and every time things don't go your way it's just because something bigger and better is coming in the future. So try not to dwell on the disappointments, and appreciate all that you have that you never even saw coming! That's a much more amazing gift in my opinion.

Well, that's all for today. I'm off to Richmond this Saturday for a tacky holiday sweater birthday party bus bonanza, and then New Orleans next week! I guess the dream job can wait a little bit longer... :)

XO and happy holidays!

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