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Well you know what March means in college...SPRING BREEEEAAAAAK! Cue crazy beach party scene.

However, being the elderly, sophisticated, seniors that we were (and the fact that we'd had our share of college spring break experiences) a friend and I decided to have a very low key last spring break. I tagged along to Jacksonville with friends who were going to a wedding so I could visit my my old internship pals who were working at the Omni. Then we ended the week in Destin, FL. As I have repeatedly raved...I am OBSESSED with Destin. My high school best friends had spring break there a week later so I was able to pop back over for a day the next week to visit them as well!
Marc and I in Jax!
We might have gone to Destin alone but of course we made friends at Baytowne Warf...
I'll try to act like I wasn't upset that Florida State's spring break was a week too early.. :(

This may seem like an immature, somewhat alcoholic statement. I am Irish and have red hair so I say...DON'T JUDGE. Tallahassee is one of the BEST places to celebrate St. Pat's. All the bars open at 6am and don't close until 2am the next morning. I started the morning at 6am with a jog to Po' Boys on Pensacola. The day consisted of green beer, eye brow waxing?, drunken class attendance (professors who actually had class that day...seriously what do you expect?), awkward run-ins with EVERY romantic interest I ever had within all 4 years, a potluck at my ghetto abode, somehow ended up in midtown, and ended the night with quite an interesting pledge cab ride home. Oh college.
Here are some pictures from my facebook album entitled, "St.Patty's 2011...20 hour madness." Cute Taylor, no idea why employers aren't jumping to hire you...
Little and I at my potluck
Oh Bullwinkles, of course
Here is yet another lovely video I sent to my mom. Apparently I really loved the fact she got a smart phone, even if it is a Droid...yuck. And is my voice really that screechy and annoying?

Phi Mu's annual fundraiser, Grandslam was at the end of the month. Yours truly was co-philanthropy chair, and planning an elimination softball tournament for a bunch of frat boys is much more stressful than you can even begin to imagine! The day was a success though, and we raised over $2,000 for Children's Miracle Network. It was truly a rewarding and huge learning experience! (Plus our baseball tee's were super cute!)
Philanthropy Chairs!

Last Phi Mu Social :(
Socials were one of the highlights of sorority life. Who doesn't love to dress up in crazy themes and have a bar rented out exclusively for your sorority and another fraternity. The last one I was able to attend was the Hunters and Hippies social with ATO at Paradigm. 

I was going to combine March and April but there was just WAY too much going on. Next month is graduation...eeeeeek.


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