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Apologies for falling off the recap train. I've been dreading this month because SO MUCH HAPPENED! Oh, and also all the college amigos came to visit for a long weekend of bowl games, cupcakes, gay bars, new years, and loving embraces. We had a blast, and it was nice to be around my own friends for a change (although I love all my new VA friends too!). Anyways, on to April 2011- one of those big life turning points.

It started out with my last Phi Mu formal. I promised my good friend from Freshmen year, Valentino, that I would take him to a function since before I even rushed. My attendance record for these kind of things was never the best, so of course I waited until the last possible opportunity. The night was well, interesting. We fought like an old married couple as usual, but I guess I'm glad I went? Eh maybe not lol.
Then it was back to Virginia for a few days. I interviewed for a job with a destination management company that turned out to be kind of a joke. The trip wasn't a total bust though, I met my roommates and found a place to live!!!! People can't believe we met on craigslist and it worked out so well, but hey, don't knock it til you try it! Amanda and I planned our cliche craigslist meeting at Starbucks down the street from our townhouse. I fell in love with it and her and knew it was the perfect situation! 

Here is a copy of the ad Amanda put out before they found me...
My roommate and I just signed a lease for an awesome, newly updated townhouse in Ballston and are looking to fill the 3rd bedroom. 
- $1000.00 + 1/3 of the utilities 

-  2 Blocks to Ballston Metro (Orange Line) 
-  Good size room รข€“ 11x14 with walk in closet. Will share bathroom with one other girl 
-  Attached garage available if needed 
-  Available now but no later than May 1 

About the Townhouse: 
It is 3 levels, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The room for rent is upstairs and the shared bathroom is updated with 2 sinks and a full bathtub/shower. The entire house is currently being updated with new carpet, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, new cabinets and appliances. There is a garage for 1 car, plus 1 designated parking space. 

About Us: 
We are both early 20's and graduated last May. I work a 9-5ish schedule as a Graphic Designer in Arlington and am pretty low key during the week. The other girl is starting a job at the Virginia Hospital Center as Nurse. We enjoy hangout, cooking, going to the gym and watching good/trashy tv. We also enjoy socializing and making it to the occasional happy hours. We each have a good group of friends in the are but am looking for a roommate that can hang out and go out with us. On the weekends we like going out and taking advantage of all the fun things the city has to offer. We are respectful of common areas and make sure to clean up after ourselves. We don't smoke or have pets (pets are not allowed). 

Ideally looking to meet with interested people sometime this week. 

Look forward to hearing from you! 

In reality, we really just all facebook stalked each other and admitted drunkenly at a later date that we all just wanted pretty, fun girls to live with. Is that such a crime?! Amanda shares my love of fake hair extensions and Robin is always down for a glass of wine and some trashy reality TV. It was fate. I am a firm craigslist believer to all of you moving to a new city!

Then it was back to Tallahassee for my last 3 weeks in college. Eeeeek. We planned a ROAST, comedy central style, at one of the sketchiest Tallahassee establishments- Julies Place. We gathered, aired all the dirty laundry on each other from the past 4 years. NONE of this will ever leave Julies, sorry world. 
That following weekend was the Palace 5K. The Palace is one of the oldest, smokiest, Tallahassee bars. There is an annual race that concludes with a day long all-you-can-drink bonanza. Now a 5k isn't exactly a marathon, but this one was MISERABLE. We were all hungover, it was early in the morning, and extremely humid from an early morning storm. I think I was the only one who didn't get physically sick during the race, but I was not ready to chug my body weight in beer after the race that's for sure. Only in Tallahassee do these things sound like a good idea....
All month I'd been dreading Phi Mu fly ups. It is the ritual where you change from an active member to alumni status. Each of the seniors gives their words of wisdom, advice, and sometimes inappropriate college tales to the rest of the chapter. It's a kind of final farewell and is extremely emotional. I searched for my speech but can't seem to find it anywhere on my computer. I ended my active membership with Phi Mu on a very positive note, and totally appreciated Cat Nall's Celine Dion jam out to lighten the mood. Phi Mu was my best college decision, and will always hold a special place in my heart. 
We ended the night at Ken's in norts and frat tanks. I miss the days where this was acceptable going out attire. :(

Our senior dinner and pub crawl followed the next Thursday. Thurday nights were always the crazy nights, so it was totally appropriate. 
The next day my closest friends and I got together to roam around campus in the million degree Florida heat to take our grad pictures. It was all becoming far too real.. :( You will never have friends like the ones you've made in college. They've been through the ups and downs, and know the real you. It really sucks we all live so far away from each other now, but I love that we keep in touch and have crazy reunions!

Finally, or not so finally, finals week was here. Being a hospitality major did have it's perks. Jackie and I didn't really have finals so we escaped to Harry Potter Land in Orlando instead! Loryn  showed us the ropes and we had so much fun. We even managed to sneak into Epcot, woops! :)
Then, ready or not, at 2pm Saturday, April 30 I graduated from Florida State Unversity. The ceremony was long, and my entire family gathering always stresses me out. However, it was everything I could have asked for as far as closure goes. We went to a nice dinner and then my mom's side of the family went to Bullwinkles with us for one last Tallahassee night. 
On Sunday my family helped me move out of my apartment, while slightly lecturing me about the stupidity in my hood-life living decision, and got me all ready for the 13 hour drive back to Virginia. It was one of the saddest drives of my life. I was excited for my new place, new career opportunities, and all that the future had to hold. But I have to admit, it's hard to not be devastated knowing the best 4 years of your life are over, and things are never going to be the same. How do you even begin to say goodbye to your life, your friends, seemingly your everything? With no other choice, I pulled onto I-10 East for the last time, car jam packed, and listening to depressing songs and crying. 


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