Tuesday, January 10, 2012

June 2011- Summer in DC!

Now that the Eurotrip was over, finding a job took over my life.

 My first of many summer gigs was my internship with a local self-made event planner. We met several times a week in his APARTMENT, which was beyond sketch. "Largest event internship/mentorship on the East coast..." YEA RIGHT. I guess the constant Christian radio blasting throughout his studio apartment offset the fear that he was going to chop me into pieces a little bit. Nevertheless, it was less than helpful and I started looking for a plan B very shortly after I started...
His office...aka studio apartment..."Go organize this on my bed" no but seriously.
Deanna, my mom, and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert. They were fabulous as always.

This was also the month that I met the boyfriend. It was actually at our kitchen table before a night out at Arlington's classiest establishment, Clarendon Ballroom. I was immediately drawn to his sweet disposition, bright blue eyes, and of course his 6'6 frame didn't hurt either. But considering he was my roommate's best friend since 4th grade, I chalked it up to one of my random infatuations and just kind of left it at that. However, I think he might have felt the same way considering we spent most of the night chatting on the rooftop about God knows what. He crashed on our futon that night and we all went to brunch the next day. After that I was almost positive that our relationship was going to stay in the friend zone, but was secretly a little disappointed that this was the case.   

Love this picture. Have you ever been with someone where you just feel like you're by yourselves, even in the most crowded room?

I guess June was kind of a mellow month of getting settled, searching for some sort of career, enjoying the summer, and meeting new people. There's nothing wrong with that. Oh, and I was perfecting my interior design skills on my room. That was an unhealthy, obsessive project...


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