Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Favorites!

So this is a couple hours late, but better late than never!

Favorite NEW JOB! :)
Boomerang Bus tours has just acquired a party boat that will be advertised during the week and hosted on the weekends by yours truly! Could there BE a more perfect job for me?!

Favorite Hollywood Hunk:
The fact that Demi Moore gets him is simply cruel and unfair....

Favorite bar of all time:
This is in honor of my Tallahassee trip next week. There are some definite haters of Bullwinkles but it is seriously the best bar in existence. My $60 semesterly investment for a bulls card was definitely my best college decision.
Favorite Pick-Me-Up:
The iced coffee addiction is absolutely out of control in my life right now. Brew a whole pot and stick it in the fridge in a plastic pitcher. There you have it! Iced coffee ALL THE TIME. My roommates love me. :)

Favorite Bar Activity:
Trivia Night!!!! This picture is random and awkward, so clearly I needed to use it. Trivia at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon has quickly become one of our favorite Wednesday night activities. We are pretty bad...(actually missed a whole category once). But it's SUPER FUN and brain stimulating while you enjoy $2 beers! WHAT A COUNTRY.

Favorite Twitter Follow:
If you don't follow her you're missing out. Freaking hilarious...and some MIGHT say I'm a bit of a princess so that might be why I love it too...

Favorite Sunday Activity:
We are going this Sunday!!!!!! I've heard people claim that they're too old for theme parks, but that is just WRONG. There are so many NEW RIDES!!! Is it Sunday yet?!?!?!

Favorite Sunday Brunch in the District:
We actually didn't end up going here on purpose last week, but I forgot how AMAZING this place was. Just stroll past the White House on Pennsylvania Ave and you will find Old Ebbitt Grill. They specialize in crab cakes and have a mean bloody mary if you're into that whole let's drink a raw tomato with vodka sort of thing. 

Well that's all for this week. This might have to tide you all over for awhile because this time next week I'll be BACK IN TALLAHASSEE pretending I'm still in college. :) Have a great weekend (in this TWO BILLION degree weather) everyone!!!!!
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Getaway Spot

No, it's not part II of the rap saga...sorry Anna. It is coming soon I promise!!

Today I found myself thinking about one of my favorite spots, Destin. It was definitely my go-to in college if I was having a bad day, needed to fulfill a shopping craving, or just wanted to see the beautiful blue gulf shore. I can't count the number of times I hopped in my car and made the 2 hour drive on a whim just to escape and get some alone time. 

The Emerald Grande Resort, where we worked
Eric, Katie, and I on the pontoon boat in Crab Island!!

Growing up in Northern Virginia I had never even heard of the place, or understood what the hype was about the REAL Florida beaches. Thank goodness I completed my internship for my major at the good old Emerald Grande Resort. It wasn't always the most glamorous summer, but I met some of my best friends to this day and we had an absolute blast. I am slightly depressed that Destin is more like a 15 hour drive rather than a 2 hour one now, but someday when I'm rich and famous I'm SO buying property there.

Where is your "happy place?" If you don't have one, you really should! Feel free to try out mine! :)
Monday, July 25, 2011

You wish you could rhyme about your love life

After watching Friends with Benefits (which was NOT as good as No Strings Attached for those of you who were wondering) it ends with the thought, "there is one person you are supposed to be with, and don't let them go if you've met them already." So of course I immediately applied the movie to my life, and I started to wonder....did I meet Mr. Right already? Clearly it's time for a rap flashback down my man memory lane....

**Names have been changed to protect the..well...not so innocent...

This is the tale about an awkward ginger named Rosie Red
And her entertaining boy tales that will be the best thing to get stuck in your head
Her first boy encounter was with Kayak Jack, and was the talk of the school
That ended before it started, and she felt like a fool
In grade level 10 the love bug did bite
After several cups of everclear, one late saturday night
She fell under the spell of "Big Money" Blake
They spent every hour together and her heart he would take
Despite the year of rap love freestyles, things came to a rocky end
When she discovered incriminating pictures from a beach week drinking bend
Poor Rosy was heartbroken but then who came along?
None other than Hicktown Henry to pick her up and make her feel strong
This was a relationship her friends warned her about
But Rosy ignored them and shut everyone out
Three years passed, sometimes they would scream and fight
On the couch watching movies was a typical weekend night
After tons of ups and downs and finally listening to friends
She got her freedom after a year in college and broke her old lady trends
Through the next couple years good ol' Hicktown would reappear
But there are only so many text message love songs one cares to hear
The end was solidified when his redneck ways came to a peak
Eventually hunting and deer was the only subject he would speak
Rosy realized camouflage wasn't her thing
and aimed more towards the casual college fling

Part 2 TBD....What is going to happen?!?!?! You'll have to wait and see! I know you're all on the edge of your seats....
Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's that time again!

Favorite Coffee Creamer: Coffee Mate coconut creamer
Favorite Workout Artist: Pitbull
I know I need to chill with my Pitbull rant for this week, but he definitely keeps me running on the treadmill..and I HATE the treadmill! (I feel like a hamster on one of those wheels...yuck!)

Favorite Pasta Dish: Gnocchi 
All thanks to Anna and her Italian influence! :)
Favorite Summer Accessory: Bright purses

Favorite Anticipated Movie Release: Friends with Benefits
I don't see the difference in the storyline between this and No Strings Attached, but I love me some JT!

Favorite Jewelry: Layered bracelets
Favorite Room Accent: Oversized mirrors
Favorite Music Genre: 90's
This is especially appropriate because we are going to see a 90's cover band tonight! Happy Friday everyone! 

FSU Football

I just got really randomly excited for football season. GO NOLES! <3

That time I got COMPLETELY creeped out in DC...

Warning: This post is definitely PG-13! Sorry for the harsh subject, but I am offically disgusted and need to share!

I was minding my own business, sweating profusely in this awful heat wave, walking to the Fairmont Hotel downtown, when approached by a stranger. Suddenly this good looking middle-aged man in a pinstripe suit flung his business card at me and simply uttered:
"This is for you."
And then he just walked away! 
Intrigued, I of course googled his name. 

Jack Burkman.

And this is the first of many similar headlines that appeared: 

Republican Strategists, Sex, MySpace, and Pride: A Heartwarming DC Tale

Check it out on your own, but basically this guy is a CREEP!!!! He is a Republican lobbyist who meets girls on the street that he finds attractive and eventually propositions to pay them for sex! A couple of years ago there was even a whole scandal with him talking to girls on Myspace! I am just so disturbed by this guy and I guess calling him out on my oh-so-popular blog is my revenge. 

You are a dirtbag Jack Burkman. I really hope someone gets you in some real trouble someday.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sara Evans said it right. This song completely encompasses how I have been feeling lately. Feel free to listen and add some mood music while you read my dilemma of constant life struggle. :)

It seems like life is all about choices lately, and everything is such a gamble! As the world knows, I have been getting quite frustrated with the job hunt. Then finally, something came up. It's not the perfect position (more of a customer service, heavy phone call deal), but the perks and overall idea of the job was exactly what I wanted.
*9-5 Monday-Friday (no weekends)...check
*2 blocks from my townhouse...check
*livable salary...check
*full benefits/time off...check
*room to move up in the company...check

But is it really what I want to do? Taking this job would sacrifice all of my side jobs that could lead to a career in a company I ACTUALLY want to work for. But if I pass this up, what if the other odd jobs lead to nothing, and then I'm really screwed 2 months down the road? I wish I could say that I've exhausted every option and this is the best choice, but I really can't. So I think I might find myself turning down exactly what I thought I was looking for. After being in charge of my sorority's philanthropy I would really love to plan for company that supports a philanthropic cause, but is that even realistic? I really do envy all you people who seemed to have the perfect easy transition from college to career. Trying to be patient and wait for the RIGHT opportunity might be the hardest and most frustrating thing in the world. This might come off wrong, but I am not used to failing at....well, anything. 

I applied for an assistant event/marketing associate at a local CMN hospital which would be BEYOND ideal. 

It's times like this when I am so thankful for the advice from my Dad. He has a way of reassuring me in my times of crises. He is my biggest fan, and the smartest businessman I know. He told me to set a date, and if by that date nothing has worked out then settle for something else for the time being. Although it doesn't sound like the most complex concept, it sounds so much better coming from him. Speaking of my dad, he is 6 weeks sober this week and on his way back to Atlanta today! I am so proud of him, and feel like I finally have my Dad back after 15 years. I can't even explain how happy I am for him, and the void that has been filled for me personally. 
My Dad, little sis Madison, and I

When life feels like it's too much and nothing's going right I think it's important to sit back and realize all that is positive. Although I might be one of the most confused, forever-interning, independent contracting, spin instructing, still-overall-unemployed college graduate, I have so many things to be thankful for. I have two of the best roommates I could ask for (and a beauuutiful townhouse in the best city ever :)), amazing friends- near and far, and the closest relationship with my parents that I have ever had. Whenever I get sad or discouraged I just try to remember these things, take a deep breath, and know that with persistence and perseverance someone out there will realize how great I am, someday!
Roommates! <3

College friends!

Highschool friends!

Just had to get that out. I promise no more intense life-wallowing for awhile! 
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spinning the Night Away!

It's about time for a spin post! Here are some tips for all you beginning spinners. Even if you have been spinning for awhile, there might be some tips you didn't know too! Get the most burn for your workout by having the right form!

The bike has three points where you can adjust: the handles, and seat vertically and horizontally. 
To measure the proper seat height, raise the seat to the equivalent hight of your thigh when you raise it to a 90 degree angle. Remember the letter of the alphabet you set it on for next time! (Mine is all the way at "O" because of my ridiculously long legs) p.s. sorry for the myspace picture....

Now, get on the bike and flip the petals upside down. Extend one leg fully while standing on the upside down pedal. Your leg should be completely straight. When you flip the stirrup over and place your foot inside your leg should be at about a 30 degree extension when you sit down and are ready to ride. This is how you know if you have the right height for your seat!

To figure out how far forward or back you need your seat adjust it to the point where your arms sit comfortably at a slight bend. Then remember this number for next time as well! You NEVER push your weight forward on your arms during a spin class, they are just to keep your balance. Your upper body should be relaxed your entire ride. Push your weight backwards and let your legs do the work! (It will save your butt from getting sore too!)

**As far as the handle bar adjustment, that is more dependent on your comfort. Keep it higher if you are a beginner, and it should NEVER drop below the height of your seat! (I keep mine around 9)

This is the perfect type of water bottle because it's easy to access without disturbing your ride!
When you pedal you want to make sure your feet are FLAT. This is crucial in order to burn the most calories and get the proper workout! You also want to push your feet in a circular motion as if you are trying to hit every number on a clock. Especially focusing on the 5,6, & 7 area in your pedal stroke will target your booty! :)

Totally off topic, but my resistance chart for my class today! :)

And big kudos to the 9am class today for being super excited today! :) Happy cycling!

Day Trip to Baltimore!

I zipped up to Baltimore this afternoon to see one of my favorite people in the world, Reynolds! There was a hipster outdoor art fair with some colorful Baltimore characters for sure. It was a good time though, and I always love seeing my Reynolds!!!

Hello Baltimore!

Delish grapefruit cocktails and sliders at brunch!

And now for the art festival...

Grass over pavement??? psh hippies...


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