Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sara Evans said it right. This song completely encompasses how I have been feeling lately. Feel free to listen and add some mood music while you read my dilemma of constant life struggle. :)

It seems like life is all about choices lately, and everything is such a gamble! As the world knows, I have been getting quite frustrated with the job hunt. Then finally, something came up. It's not the perfect position (more of a customer service, heavy phone call deal), but the perks and overall idea of the job was exactly what I wanted.
*9-5 Monday-Friday (no weekends)...check
*2 blocks from my townhouse...check
*livable salary...check
*full benefits/time off...check
*room to move up in the company...check

But is it really what I want to do? Taking this job would sacrifice all of my side jobs that could lead to a career in a company I ACTUALLY want to work for. But if I pass this up, what if the other odd jobs lead to nothing, and then I'm really screwed 2 months down the road? I wish I could say that I've exhausted every option and this is the best choice, but I really can't. So I think I might find myself turning down exactly what I thought I was looking for. After being in charge of my sorority's philanthropy I would really love to plan for company that supports a philanthropic cause, but is that even realistic? I really do envy all you people who seemed to have the perfect easy transition from college to career. Trying to be patient and wait for the RIGHT opportunity might be the hardest and most frustrating thing in the world. This might come off wrong, but I am not used to failing at....well, anything. 

I applied for an assistant event/marketing associate at a local CMN hospital which would be BEYOND ideal. 

It's times like this when I am so thankful for the advice from my Dad. He has a way of reassuring me in my times of crises. He is my biggest fan, and the smartest businessman I know. He told me to set a date, and if by that date nothing has worked out then settle for something else for the time being. Although it doesn't sound like the most complex concept, it sounds so much better coming from him. Speaking of my dad, he is 6 weeks sober this week and on his way back to Atlanta today! I am so proud of him, and feel like I finally have my Dad back after 15 years. I can't even explain how happy I am for him, and the void that has been filled for me personally. 
My Dad, little sis Madison, and I

When life feels like it's too much and nothing's going right I think it's important to sit back and realize all that is positive. Although I might be one of the most confused, forever-interning, independent contracting, spin instructing, still-overall-unemployed college graduate, I have so many things to be thankful for. I have two of the best roommates I could ask for (and a beauuutiful townhouse in the best city ever :)), amazing friends- near and far, and the closest relationship with my parents that I have ever had. Whenever I get sad or discouraged I just try to remember these things, take a deep breath, and know that with persistence and perseverance someone out there will realize how great I am, someday!
Roommates! <3

College friends!

Highschool friends!

Just had to get that out. I promise no more intense life-wallowing for awhile! 


Anna said...

MERRR didn't make the college friends cut. =(

But this kind of made me cry. Sooo happy to hear about DAG. And Tay - you know you're like the most driven person on the planet, so once you harness your impatience, I have 100% faith that you're going to be boss of the universe one day.

Love you little!

Jacki said...

I worked at Tropical Smoothie for the first 6 months after graduation before I was offered a job that I really wanted. While it totally sucked for those 6 months, it was worth the wait to get a job that I really love. Keep at it :)

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