Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Being Unemployed Sucks

Instead of the fun Boston weekend catch-up, I decided to go with a whiny, dramatic, my-life-is-so-annoying post. (It's really not, but WHATEVER). It is a Monday after all.

So all I've heard since my first semester at Florida State is the FANTASTIC 99.9% job placement percentage at the legendary Dedman School if Hospitality. Am I in that lucky .01%?! I don't know, but this whole unemployed thing really bites the big one, and here's why:

1. You can't make any plans
I am a planner, hence my major/life career goal. If I have no job how am I supposed to be able to plan all these super fun adventures? Want to go to the beach Labor Day? Jason Aldean in September? THE MOON NEXT MARCH? Oh, let me just make sure I don't have to work. No big deal I'll use my paid time off. Oh wait...

2. No dinero
After the post grad cushion from my mom and grad money disappears...that's it! Trust me, it's depleting at a rapid pace. I haven't been unemployed completely since I was like 16. This is not a good thing for my shopping/travel/eating out/bar hopping habits. 

3. Guilt
Of course I INSISTED that going to an in-state Virginia school was out of the question. My poor parents dished out the $30,000 tuition + facilitated my life for the past 4 years. I am so lucky to have graduated debt free, but what do I really have to show for it.

4. Awkward Bar Small Talk
This picture is irrelevant but it made me chuckle. ANWAYS, I have noticed that when you live in the DC suburbs you are surrounded by young professionals. For the most part this is great, except that being an unemployed college grad isn't exactly normal there, and I find myself defending myself constantly. "So you live in a townhouse in Arlington, but don't have a job yet?" that okay with you random stranger that I don't even want to talk to?! After awhile I just started this elaborate lie that I was an astronaut. That crashed and burned when I met an actual astronaut at the bar. Only me.

But fingers crossed, this is all FINALLY sorting itself out. I really need to be careful what I wish for. It is quite possible that pretty soon I am going to be instructing spin, working full-time, interning, event volunteering, and doing independent contracting for a separate event company. WATCH OUT REAL WORLD HERE I COME!


kelleyfinneganblog said...

Taylor, you are adorable. Keep your head up, an opportunity will present itself eventually :)

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