Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's that time again!

Favorite Coffee Creamer: Coffee Mate coconut creamer
Favorite Workout Artist: Pitbull
I know I need to chill with my Pitbull rant for this week, but he definitely keeps me running on the treadmill..and I HATE the treadmill! (I feel like a hamster on one of those wheels...yuck!)

Favorite Pasta Dish: Gnocchi 
All thanks to Anna and her Italian influence! :)
Favorite Summer Accessory: Bright purses

Favorite Anticipated Movie Release: Friends with Benefits
I don't see the difference in the storyline between this and No Strings Attached, but I love me some JT!

Favorite Jewelry: Layered bracelets
Favorite Room Accent: Oversized mirrors
Favorite Music Genre: 90's
This is especially appropriate because we are going to see a 90's cover band tonight! Happy Friday everyone! 


pbm2011 said...

I agree with the Friends with Benefits movie. I think it's just with possibly bigger and sexier males and a plain jane/girl next door female. But I do want to see it. I love JT too! Love the post!

Lauren said...

i love you're favorite things. especially about the 90's music... maybe next time we should bring our own generator ;)

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