Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Favorites!

So this is a couple hours late, but better late than never!

Favorite NEW JOB! :)
Boomerang Bus tours has just acquired a party boat that will be advertised during the week and hosted on the weekends by yours truly! Could there BE a more perfect job for me?!

Favorite Hollywood Hunk:
The fact that Demi Moore gets him is simply cruel and unfair....

Favorite bar of all time:
This is in honor of my Tallahassee trip next week. There are some definite haters of Bullwinkles but it is seriously the best bar in existence. My $60 semesterly investment for a bulls card was definitely my best college decision.
Favorite Pick-Me-Up:
The iced coffee addiction is absolutely out of control in my life right now. Brew a whole pot and stick it in the fridge in a plastic pitcher. There you have it! Iced coffee ALL THE TIME. My roommates love me. :)

Favorite Bar Activity:
Trivia Night!!!! This picture is random and awkward, so clearly I needed to use it. Trivia at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon has quickly become one of our favorite Wednesday night activities. We are pretty bad...(actually missed a whole category once). But it's SUPER FUN and brain stimulating while you enjoy $2 beers! WHAT A COUNTRY.

Favorite Twitter Follow:
If you don't follow her you're missing out. Freaking hilarious...and some MIGHT say I'm a bit of a princess so that might be why I love it too...

Favorite Sunday Activity:
We are going this Sunday!!!!!! I've heard people claim that they're too old for theme parks, but that is just WRONG. There are so many NEW RIDES!!! Is it Sunday yet?!?!?!

Favorite Sunday Brunch in the District:
We actually didn't end up going here on purpose last week, but I forgot how AMAZING this place was. Just stroll past the White House on Pennsylvania Ave and you will find Old Ebbitt Grill. They specialize in crab cakes and have a mean bloody mary if you're into that whole let's drink a raw tomato with vodka sort of thing. 

Well that's all for this week. This might have to tide you all over for awhile because this time next week I'll be BACK IN TALLAHASSEE pretending I'm still in college. :) Have a great weekend (in this TWO BILLION degree weather) everyone!!!!!


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