Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's that time again! Clearly, I am just going to keep copying Lauren Conrad until...forever. So here are my favorites for this week!

Favorite Bar Food:
When do nachos ever get old?
Favorite Room Scent:
My room smells like a giant cookie...I don't hate it.
Favorite Young Actor:
Daniel Radcliffe- Clearly this is inspired by the Harry Potter release today, but he also is now a star on broadway! I really want to get up to NYC to see his performance in, "How to Succeed in Business," sometime this summer! 
 Favorite movie soundtrack:
 Moulin Rouge- It isn't a new film, but I will forever be in love with the soundtrack. Who knew Nicole Kidman could sing?!
Favorite new trend:
I love the one nail accent! My nails are currently coral and white. :)
 Favorite Summertime Activity:
Tubing! We are going this Sunday and I'm so excited!
Group Fitness Class:
Me and Zumba actually have more of a love-hate relationship. I'm absolutely awful but I kind of like it and am determined to show up the 80 year olds who kick my butt eventually!


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