Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Super Great Totally Fantastic Big Sis

So my blog is really coming along! My phi mu big sister Anna made this layout for me because she is a tech savvy GODDESS. Her blog is pretty much amazing and she's going to be a famous author in like 5 years so you all should really click here and CHECK IT OUT!

Such a loving relationship

Us in Italy!!! Anna went to high school there because thats totally normal and all...
When we met our sophomore year we were a littttttle out of control. But some of my favorite college memories are with Anna and I can't believe she is getting MARRIED next year! I am totally on wedding planner status of course.... :)
The shock and scream date of many interesting nights...

You know, people hate on the whole sorority thing. I did too before I was in one. But looking back I seriously met some of my best friends because of Phi Mu, and as cheesy at it sounds it really is a deeper bond than just friendship. So to all my beautiful sisters back at school and especially all my Phi Mu family...I love and miss you guys more than words can describe!!!!!
Our family line...from great-great-grand-big to grand-little...they are my second family!

Grandslam 2011!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you don't understand or appreciate the title of this blog watch the link below immediately. Definitely the best SNL clip EVER!!!

This post it about my mother. She is seriously the best, but the dog obsession is out of CONTROL. Hence the reason why I am the only only child and there are a minimum of 4 dogs running around the house at all times. She probably has the right idea though. Dogs are a lot more pleasant than people to most of the time. 

Me and momskies before Rascal Flatts!

Tank!!! my personal fav

Spark Man

I don't even know this ones name...
and Luna the devil dog..

Oh and did I mention there are horses too? Yea we live on a "farm." No I don't ride. No I never wanted to ride. No horses aren't my thing. Shocking I know. Sorry world.

This was a picture I actually took for a Christmas present for my mom a couple years ago. It was a present because this was probably the closest and only moment I would be seen with Rapaz, her horse. 
This is why I have zero desire for pets/responsibilities. The current pet of our household is Queen Elizabeth the goldfish looking beta-fish. She is about a year old, doesn't bark, shed, and survives even if I forget to clean her. Ideal pet if you ask me. I'd add a picture but she was feeling camera shy. 

Moral of the story is...Mom, I love you. You're a saint in the dog world. But better you than me SISTER.
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pottery Barn: 1, Taylor: 0

I was SUPER EXCITED when the lady from pottery barn called me to let me know my shelf finally arrived (2 months later). It was the last touch of the never-ending project of decorating my room in our b-e-a-uuuuu-tiful townhouse! But of course the shelf was self-assembly, and I had no one in sight to pout and force to do it for me.

While I have a lot of great qualities, patience and direction following are not my strong points. I'll leave it at that.

So it came in these boxes so I thought it might not be that bad


Took me like 20 minutes to realize I was supposed to use an allen wrench instead of a screwdriver....
 Then I proceeded to screw in the wrong size shelf because apparently attaching them in descending order was past my college graduate ability

But finally....IT'S DONE! and all by myself! Eric be proud that I am surviving without you :)

Oh, and I hung these metal stars too since I was on a roll! (such a bargain by the way they were 60% off at Jo Ann Fabrics!)

FINALLY after endless hours and blowing basically all of my graduation money...MY ROOM IS DONE! :) :) :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things that I don't miss about Tallahassee...

While there are plenty of things that I miss about college life, which I will probably include in a sappy post to follow...there are SEVERAL things I was glad to leave in tally....

1. Campus Walk
Ah, yes...the life of luxury. Ok so I only lived here the last 4 months of my senior year due to some crazy girl-on-girl all night block parties in my original, very-normal, place. Basically I lived on the third floor of this motel-like shack. Living by myself after 3 years of random roommate insanity was nice, but there were literally ZERO college students....or people who even graduated high school for that matter. I have a brand new appreciation for pad locks, central air, and dishwashers, let's just say that. 

Here is West first apartment.....

"Tallahassee's premier student housing" where you better have starved yourself for about 3 months before hitting the pool....I guess the hood life at Campus Walk did have it's perks...

2. The men of Tallahassee....

I mean I don't know if it was a Florida thing...or greek life thing...or what....but here were the choices:

 (courtesy of


3. Logan's Roadhouse

This was one of my more enjoyable waitressing gigs...however the Tallahassee locals and my less-than-average peanut sweeping skills made it very easy to say goodbye.
(although my yee-haw birthday shout-outs will forever go down in history)....

- I don't know what salmon well-done means
- steak well-done-not-burnt doesn't make sense
- no there are not free refills on the fruit teas
- yes you can in fact...throw the peanuts on the ground....but please don't because I don't want to clean after you and your family of fourteen
- a verbal tip doesn't compensate for you leaving me $70 on $69.75
-thank god Ale House was open next door until 2 am.....

I could go on forever.......

I guess the point is, Tallahassee provided the best four years of my life. All good things come to an end, and I don't think I could survive another semester in that place. So everyone who still has time left, live it up! And to those moving on, there could be worse things. :)

Hellooooo Blog World!

So due to my indefinite unemployment and ample free time I figured it is time for a blog! Of course I am going to cover the essentials in life (at least my life): eating, cycling, and exploring/traveling...which is basically all I do these days! More SUPER EXCITING posts to come soon, including some amazingly awesome personal spin workouts you can try out yourself at the gym! :)

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