Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you don't understand or appreciate the title of this blog watch the link below immediately. Definitely the best SNL clip EVER!!!

This post it about my mother. She is seriously the best, but the dog obsession is out of CONTROL. Hence the reason why I am the only only child and there are a minimum of 4 dogs running around the house at all times. She probably has the right idea though. Dogs are a lot more pleasant than people to most of the time. 

Me and momskies before Rascal Flatts!

Tank!!! my personal fav

Spark Man

I don't even know this ones name...
and Luna the devil dog..

Oh and did I mention there are horses too? Yea we live on a "farm." No I don't ride. No I never wanted to ride. No horses aren't my thing. Shocking I know. Sorry world.

This was a picture I actually took for a Christmas present for my mom a couple years ago. It was a present because this was probably the closest and only moment I would be seen with Rapaz, her horse. 
This is why I have zero desire for pets/responsibilities. The current pet of our household is Queen Elizabeth the goldfish looking beta-fish. She is about a year old, doesn't bark, shed, and survives even if I forget to clean her. Ideal pet if you ask me. I'd add a picture but she was feeling camera shy. 

Moral of the story is...Mom, I love you. You're a saint in the dog world. But better you than me SISTER.


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