Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pottery Barn: 1, Taylor: 0

I was SUPER EXCITED when the lady from pottery barn called me to let me know my shelf finally arrived (2 months later). It was the last touch of the never-ending project of decorating my room in our b-e-a-uuuuu-tiful townhouse! But of course the shelf was self-assembly, and I had no one in sight to pout and force to do it for me.

While I have a lot of great qualities, patience and direction following are not my strong points. I'll leave it at that.

So it came in these boxes so I thought it might not be that bad


Took me like 20 minutes to realize I was supposed to use an allen wrench instead of a screwdriver....
 Then I proceeded to screw in the wrong size shelf because apparently attaching them in descending order was past my college graduate ability

But finally....IT'S DONE! and all by myself! Eric be proud that I am surviving without you :)

Oh, and I hung these metal stars too since I was on a roll! (such a bargain by the way they were 60% off at Jo Ann Fabrics!)

FINALLY after endless hours and blowing basically all of my graduation money...MY ROOM IS DONE! :) :) :)


Anna said...

So intense. Eric would be so proud. All you need is a sex canopy and you'll be all set. Did you take these pictures knowing you'd be blogging about it???? Once you start mentally prepping your posts ahead of time...that's when you know you're a blog addict. SO PROUD.

Jacki said...

Ditto Anna...I find myself taking specific photos of things because I know I want to incorporate them into my upcoming blog...I'm a blog addict, how did this happen :)

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

my husband {cv} always complains about putting together furniture...I end up doing a much better job than he does ;) your room looks gorgeous....I wish mine looked that put together!

very cute blog--I love your header especially! I lived in DC for six years (in college and for two years after) and miss it SO much. live it up for me! xoxo {av}

Taylor said...

Aw thank you!!! my awesome big sister in my sorority made it for me! DC is great, I definitely will.. :)

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