Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Super Great Totally Fantastic Big Sis

So my blog is really coming along! My phi mu big sister Anna made this layout for me because she is a tech savvy GODDESS. Her blog is pretty much amazing and she's going to be a famous author in like 5 years so you all should really click here and CHECK IT OUT!

Such a loving relationship

Us in Italy!!! Anna went to high school there because thats totally normal and all...
When we met our sophomore year we were a littttttle out of control. But some of my favorite college memories are with Anna and I can't believe she is getting MARRIED next year! I am totally on wedding planner status of course.... :)
The shock and scream date of many interesting nights...

You know, people hate on the whole sorority thing. I did too before I was in one. But looking back I seriously met some of my best friends because of Phi Mu, and as cheesy at it sounds it really is a deeper bond than just friendship. So to all my beautiful sisters back at school and especially all my Phi Mu family...I love and miss you guys more than words can describe!!!!!
Our family line...from great-great-grand-big to grand-little...they are my second family!

Grandslam 2011!!!


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