Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That time I tried to use pac man as a metaphor for my life...

My dad called me yesterday and said that my 8 year old brother is getting picked on at school. (I have a really "fun" family situation if you didn't already know.) Let me just say, my little brother Justin is the sweetest, most well-behaved, loving kid I have ever met. I am not biased at all I swear. There is certainly NO reason why he should be constantly left out or picked on. We all remember those early school years. Kids can be so cruel. 
How could you not love this little guy?!
Now, as we grow older you would think this idea would become a non-issue. Lately I've come to realize more and more that this just isn't the case.
Have you ever played the old school pac man game that they have at the arcades at the beach? Those scary colored ghost things would just eat my little guy for NO REASON right before I got the cherries, every-single-time. There was no rhyme or reason behind it, (besides the game wouldn't be very challenging otherwise) but you get the point.
I realize this is the lamest comparison...probably ever. But hey, apparently pac man is teaching kids cold hard facts about life! It seems like some people come after you with no actual justification or reasoning. 

I am no angel in this department. In high school when I had more of my "mean girl" persona, my group of friends and I used to gather all of our cell phones in a circle on a table together after school. There was one girl who ALWAYS wanted to hang out with us who we never deemed worthy. We'd watch her attempt to call each of our phones, one after another, and ignore her every single time. It makes me cringe looking back to think how inconsiderate I was to someone else's feelings. Especially since she was nothing but nice to all of us. 
Most people do leave that type of behavior and judgement in high school, thank God. I know I did. Once I got to college I had no friends or room to be turning away new acquaintances. I realized how different people were from me and enjoyed and appreciated those unique qualities. Above all, I really am the type of person who wants everyone to be my friend. I probably take it a little too personal when people don't feel the same way.

I'm sure most people can think of those people who have no interest in associating with anyone who is unlike themselves. Whether it be back in high school, those certain "scary" girls in the sorority, that unapproachable boss or co-worker, or even just someone you're forced to interact with in everyday life for one reason or another. 

The real purpose of this whole post is my realization of how I react to these types of people. Instead of realizing that they aren't worth it and moving on, I do the exact opposite. Somehow, I revert back to the awkward, middle school version of myself, allow them to make me feel insecure, and for some reason make even MORE of an effort to be their friend?... How much sense does that make? Can you say....

People say, oh they're just jealous. They're unhappy with their lives. Yada yada yada. It still doesn't really make sense to me. 

All of this just really makes me miss my friends. It's hard sometimes when you don't have those people that "get" you next door anymore. The ones that embrace the fact that you like to bake more than watch sports, will go on random adventures at the drop of a hat, and look at your differing qualities as a positive rather than a negative. I think it's safe to say that NONE of my good friends and I have a ton in common. If you lined us all up we have completely different taste, style, opinions, and upbringings. I appreciate you all ten times more now that I suddenly find myself feeling like the kid who resorts to eating their lunch in the bathroom. 

The moral for today is: Don't beat yourself up over every person who doesn't want to be your friend or who offends you. Fahgettaboudem. Also, keep an open mind and to people who are unlike you. Some of those people could turn out to be your best friends!

...and....there should be a cure for cancer, world peace, and no more hungry people in the world.

Sorry for the dramatic life rant, but you should probably be used to it by now.


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