Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Modern American Family

I always envied those who had the cardboard cutout "perfect" family. So many of my friends are fortunate enough to have parents who are still together and a semi-normal upbringing. I on the other hand, have quite an interesting situation. Actually, I shouldn't probably be sane, oh wait I'm not. Many of my close friends would claim that I have a BIT of a princess only-child persona (which I completely own up to most of the time :)). The reason for that is because I am somewhat of an only-child. Does that even make sense? 
My parents split up when I was in fifth grade and I am their only child together. I grew up as the only child in my home with my mom and step-dad so I guess that makes a predetermined implication that I am a spoiled brat. 
But then, what do you know, my dad gets remarried and had 4..count them 4...little ones! Three half brothers and one half sister entered my life when I was about fifteen. They lived in Dallas at the time and Atlanta now so I never lived with them, but I still consider them my brothers and sister and absolutely ADORE THEM. I don't even like kids and they are the most precious, well-mannered, angelic beings on the face of the earth. I'm totally unbiased I know. 
My mom wasn't far behind marrying someone with two boys older than me. Now I went from being in a small family of 3 to step siblings AND half siblings! So crazy! My step dad and my mom aren't together anymore so I guess they are now step brothers once removed? The whole thing is pretty hard to wrap my head around, but they're pretty great guys and have always treated me like a sister.
By the time I started college I was hoping that this whole family madness was over. I should have known better. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the seemingly lame concept of a sorority "family" would even compare to the real thing. Boy was I wrong. Starting at Tiffany, Brittany, Leah, my big Anna, and then my littles Megan and Kristen down to Tori I am obsessed with all of you. We are all there through each of our ups and downs and I know that we will keep in touch forever because of our family ties. Brittany and Anna are getting married next year and I can't wait for us ALL to be together again!
My 21st birthday AKA best night of my LIFE!!!!
Yeah, sometimes it is nice to think about how nice a traditional family would be. But when I sit back and really think about it, with my crazy unique situation I have so much more to be thankful for! The best thing is I can still blame my princess tendencies on OCS and yet have huge family at the same time. Talk about the best of both worlds... ;)

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