Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Lately

A new exciting post will be coming soon, but today's not the day :( Sorrrrry. I had my first day at Boomerang and I am SO pumped. I spent the whole time looking up boat tour companies across the country- tough work right? The office is BEAUTIFUL and I host my first tour Friday! Wahoo!

Last weekend I went back to my college stomping grounds for wedding celebrations! 
Stacia you were a beautiful bride and your wedding was a blast!

Shannon and I had a great time in Tallahassee as well. However, going back to your college town as an alum in officially the WEIRDEST thing better. I'm hoping football season will be different. My liver couldn't handle the all-you-can-drink liquor after the 3 month hiatus, and while I miss my friends I don't think my body misses college.


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