Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

Ok, I know I know I've been a terrible blogger lately. But seriously, did you SEE my last post!? I am the busiest person on the face of the earth! Of course I totally over committed myself and have been stressed to the MAX. I  cannot wait for this week to be over and am finally celebrating Labor Day in Ocean City with some of my favorite VA people and my long lost other half, Eric. 
He's one of my closest friends since freshmen year of college. We have been through more than is even IMAGINABLE together and we definitely have some stories. Eventually we are getting married and having a totally platonic relationship complete with a cowboys and dolphins game room. I'm kind of nervous to see what happens when both of us are together at the infamous all day Ocean City beach bar/nightclub, Seacrets....
This is going to be mayhem.

In other exciting life news...

The Boomerang work has been great. The boat launch is on the horizon, which I am so excited about! Last Friday my roommates filled an entire bus so hosting was more play than work. 
Hostess with the MOSTEST? ahhaha sike

And this was my project the other day at the office....such a little carpenter...
So proud of myself! This was in like...5 whole pieces before I assembled it. Take that corona promoters! 

The restaurant training is...well with no other word to describe it, INTENSE. Naturally, it didn't open on time so I'm on week two of daily training instead. I figured since I've worked at about 8,000 restaurants that it would be a piece of cake. Wrongo. I've never felt more out of my element and stressed about a serving job. I was a HOSPITALITY major for gosh sakes! I'm qualified for a management position, why can't I get this down? However, I really appreciate the overall mentality of the Thompson Hospitality Group that oversees the restaurant operation and training. There is something about a company made up of other people who understand that paying guests should be treated like family or guests in your home that is just refreshing. I really did pick the best major in the world, I just wish I understood or cared where the Bok Choy was grown that garnishes our sea bass or what our finest pale ale is, ugh it's a constant struggle. 

I also taught my first fall spin class today. My riders were VERY interested in if we were going to do cadence counts and if we were climbing up or downhill. How can you climb downhill may I ask?! Not the best time of my life. But they all thanked me, said they had a great workout, and said they would see me next week. We'll see. Bossy spin students is the last thing I need to worry about at this point in time. 

There are those times when you feel like everything is crumbling down and then miraculously someone reads your mind and turns your day right around. With all of this stress and job hopping going on, on top of our AC being out, I haven't have the best nights sleep lately. These two-job a day weeks have started taking their toll and today was probably my low point. When I got home from the Boomerang office I was greeted with these:
So sweet right?! 

It's little things like this that bring me back down to reality and make me realize in the big scheme of things I'm pretty darn lucky. (He's actually a pretty good guy too.. :)) 

So as I drink a glass of wine, slightly sweat from the lack of AC, and decompress from this whirlwind of work that's taken over my life, I'm just looking forward to this weekend. I know it will all be worth it and work out as everything always does! 

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday! Hopefully I'll post if I have a life when I get back next week!



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I love your blog. You're on mine today! :D

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