Saturday, August 13, 2011

My take on public transportation

Those who know me tease me about my love for the metro. I'm sorry but when you live a block and a half from it and can avoid the AWFUL NOVA/DC traffic by hopping on the train I'll take it!
Now the metro is one thing...the metro BUS is entirely another. I do NOT ride the bus. I don't know why but I just have this mental block against it. All the crazies always hang out in and around the bus stops and it just isn't the same as the train! I didn't even ride it at school (minus the occasional drunk night nole ride). 
My new marketing gig is in Georgetown three times a week. While I love being in Georgetown I hate the fact that the town thought they were too "high class" for the metro crowd. So I have no choice but to pay the ridiculous $20 a day in city parking or ride...THE BUS.
I looked up the route and it seemed simple but was NOT a happy camper.
It seemed relatively easier than I thought until I went to ride home...and ended up getting on the at the stop where I got off instead of crossing the street. I didn't really know where the bus stop was for the other direction and figured it wouldn't take long to ride the loop around. WRONG.
When we reached the turn around point at Foggy Bottom I guess we were ahead of schedule, so you know we just parked and hung out for ten minutes. I'm really patient and all so you can imagine my state at this point. I was cursing the bus' existence and the crazy lady with a suitcase and no teeth sitting in front of me when we finally got back on the road. 
Irrelevant but made me lol...

I thought I was home free, and took note of where the RIGHT bus stop was for tomorrow to avoid this mess again. Just when I thought I was going to make it home before my 92nd birthday this man got on the bus...
Everyone has had an experience with someone like this guy, who instantly makes your blood boil because he is a moron and failure to society. The process is easy. You have a metro card. You swipe it. Ding noise, sit down. Well this fool must not have reloaded his card and got a big deep buzz when he swiped his card, RUINING THE RHYTHM OF THE BUS. The driver had to put the bus in park and help him aimlessly keep scanning the card. BUZZ. BUZZ. BUZZ. There's no money on there DUDE! He had cash but the driver didn't have change. At the next stop the driver pulled over, parked, got OUT OF THE BUS, and had to call his supervisor. In this guy's defense, I'm sure he was mortified, but if looks could kill he'd be dead for sure. I was running on a very THIN line of patience before this whole situation and I was so done with the bus. An hour after I got on I got off on my stop. The ride generally takes 15 minutes. 

I am proud to say I am now queen of the bus and have got it down to a science. My office in Georgetown is BEAUTIFUL and there's even a really great view of the city every morning crossing the key bridge. Hopefully the bus system and I can be friends now, but I still think I'm a little bit too cool for it.

Well off to go see Tim McGraw tonight! The concert streak lives on! Happy weekend!


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