Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why being me is totally "in" right now...

Not to toot my own horn (but it's my blog and I'm GONNA)..I have a pretty good amount of things to be excited about...

August must be the month of great music..starting with tonight! YAY TAYLOR SWIFT!! Here's what I have coming up:
She is the BEST in concert. I love the fact that she is tall and me! And she's totally modest and appreciates her fans. Thank goodness my roommates are amazing and jumped on the bandwagon of scalping tickets at the last minute!
Brantley Gilbert! This concert is going to pull on my heart strings for sure..he's just fabulous! 
Woops! Can't forget about Tim McGraw with Amanda and Anna-Kate!!

Jason Aldean. No explanation necessary. He is my love obsession and probably my all time favorite. He is definitely worth the drive down to Virginia beach. :)
Brad Paisley WMZQ Fall Fest concert with Anna!!! I feel some engagement celebrations coming on!

I know it has only been a few short months since graduation, but it seriously feels like FOREVER. I miss the town, football season, sorority life, and most importantly MY FRIENDS! Not only will I get to hit all my favorite spots, but I also get to road trip to Mississippi for a night to see one of my favorite, crazy sorority sisters get married!!! I don't know if my liver is going to hold up through those three days, but I am so excited I could CRY!!!
Uhmm the best sushi...EVER. Yum yum sauce get back in my life!!!
This is going to be the most insane wedding EVER. :)
Seriously? Hosting people on bus and boat and helping them get their party on? Is this real life? Everyone says it reminds them of Vince Vaughn's job in "The Break Up." I'll take it! 

So this is the explanation for my PERFECT mood right now! Off to prepare for T-Swift tonight! Hope you all are having as good of a day as I am!!


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