Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going coconuts for breakfast pizza!

Bad things always happen when my roommate Robin and I both have the afternoon off together. (She's a nurse so she gets to have fun on the weekdays with me sometimes :)) Last night we were looking through some magazines and found a COCONUT SHAPED CAKE RECIPE. Clearly this had my name all over it. Then we stumbled upon an interesting looking breakfast pizza recipe. By stumbled, I mean found after liking pillsbury on facebook because I have a food problem. ANYWHO we decided coconut cake and breakfast pizza was the perfect combo for dinner tonight and spent out afternoon getting the ingredients and pretending to be domestic. 

First came the cake:

I'll preface with the fact that the cake was SUPPOSED to look like this:
I don't know what kind of drugs these people are on...but it was NOT a piece of cake!

So you make a box of chocolate cake mix normally and put it in a 6 inch cake dish (who has one of those?!) and two small round dishes...you were actually supposed to mix buttermilk as well but I forgot..WOOPS!
Toast the sweetened shredded coconut...easy enough- 15 minutes on 350 degrees
You know it's done 3 minutes BEFORE it looks like this....
Then you cut the top off the 3 baked cakes once they're cooled

Cut a hole in the smallest cake that will go on the top
Then put the larger of the two bowl molds and place it flat side up and ice it with chocolate icing
Add the 6 inch cake pan layer and ice again...
Here's where the problems started...the top was too small...great idea using the stupid wal-mart glass cereal bowl Taylor....
So I attempted to trim it down and ice it...and it got a little bit of a "lean with it rock with it" thing going on
Now put the vanilla icing in a plastic bag and microwave for 10 seconds
Cut a hole in the bottom corner and fill the hole with the melted icing so it looks like coconut milk! (you ice the rim before with normal temperature icing)
Now just coat the sides with the toasted coconut
And it's done! That's a straw for decoration if you can't tell. I was upset I didn't have a flower or something snazzy to dress it up. But unfortunately, I think the cake was a little uneven and top heavy with the vanilla icing filling..so this image was short lived...
Cue coconut volano explosion..... :(!!!!!
Definitely didn't show my finest hospitality skills on this one...but it still tasted DELISH! 

And now for our actual dinner....Savory Breakfast Pizza

This one was more Robin's job, but of course I photo documented. 
Pizza dough on the flip side of the pan for extra crispiness...Chef Robin's rule
She had the bright idea to get turkey bacon aka facon...which was interesting lol but it worked
Spread the pesto over the dough
Spread the chopped crispy facon across the pesto
Top with sliced provolone cheese (we got low fat since we're such a health conscious household..)
Make 6 squares of diced tomatoes
Now for the crazy part..crack 6 eggs in the squares
Bake at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes
This one was actually much more successful than my leaning tower of coconut! The eggs baked on the pizza is a little off-putting but actually really good and super sophisticated ;) GOOD JOB ROBIN! See we didn't have to get takeout after all!  

Well now we are very full and laying on the couch watching SVU...shocking. But I believe the day was a culinary success! Good luck trying to recipes. I'm sure you all can pull off a better coconut cake than I can!


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