Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

Well summer is finally coming to a close. It feels like it has flown by and lasted forever at the same time. So much has happened. I feel like college was years ago rather than a mere 3 months. However, the jet setting and emotional breakdowns have made September creep around the corner all too quickly at the same time. I am definitely not where I envisioned myself at this point in my life, but am finally going to have a SCHEDULE this fall. You know how I feel about planning and THANK GOD! I may be working ten thousand odd jobs but at least I will have a routine for Pete's sake! So since everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering WHAT I WILL DO it is:

M: American Tap Room
T: Boomerang office 
W: Boomerang office & night spin class
T: American Tap Room
F: Boomerang nightlife tours
S: Boomerang wine/concert tours
S: American Tap Room

Goodbye social life.

As much as I thought I was above waiting tables I decided to get a serving job at the new American Tap Room opening in Clarendon to make some extra money before the boat takes off at Boomerang. It shouldn't be too bad, and the restaurant looks super nice! 
I'm doing marketing/internship work for the Boomerang Bus and soon-to-be boat company in Georgetown during the week and hosting tours on the weekend! Check out the blog I'm doing for the company! It's super duper exciting and it would be fabulous if you followed it!

Finally, I got my VERY OWN SPIN CLASS!! All you Wednesday night spinners at the Y better watch out! :)

I know I'm going to have no life, but hopefully I will actually be making some money and doing a lot of things I enjoy rather than being stuck in one thing I don't. Also, everything is pretty flexible so I can make it down to tally in September for the Oklahoma game. GO NOLES! 

I can also quit with the crazy random jobs like the one Danitte and I did this weekend at the Gaylord. Two words: Flash Mob. This is not a joke. We totally got paid well over $200 to do it and made it to the podium center stage in front of a conference of over 3,300 people, fireworks and all. It was quite an experience to say the least. 
The whole flash mob crew

Danitte and I pre-mob...a littttttle nervous

Also, the reason I'm blogging on a Saturday night is because I'm recovering from a FUN IN THE SUN day at work on the vineyard tour!

My riders love me!!!!! HAhaha she was hysterical!

Sorry for this hodgepodge of randomness in this post that is my LIFE. 

Hope you all are out making bad decisions this Saturday night while I lounge on my futon in my snuggie. ADIOS MUCHACHOS. 


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