Thursday, January 5, 2012

May! Bon Voyage America!

Okay, enough tears and sorrow. After a 13 hour trek and LOTS of unpacking I was back in Virginia for GOOD!. I had a short 2 weeks at home before I left for my Mediterranean Cruise! 

I did manage to go to the Legwarmers (a cover 80's band) concert with my roommates. I didn't really know them that well and ended up drinking wayyyyy too much and cutting the night quite early. Woopsies. They still tease me about it to this day. Such a great first impression!

 Then it was off to Barcelona with my mom and Grandma to start our journey!!!
Of course we had to say adios to Eric....this is one of my favorites:
We traveled on the Ruby Princess to:
Monte Carlo/Monaco 
Florence/Chianti tasting!!!
LOL Turkey was actually my favorite country, I was just TOURED OUT
Kusadasi, Turkey

so I bailed on the tour and spent the day at the bazaar, it was just like a huge, cheap Anthropologie! AMAZING!
and Venice 
It was a truly amazing, but exhausting vacation. Talk about once in a lifetime! My mom, grandma, and I had so much fun! :) Definitely the best graduation present I could have asked for!


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