Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January & February

Happy New Year!
I actually managed to stay at home for the entirety of winter break. Old flames were finally put to rest, and I spent New Year's Eve in Georgetown at the waterfront with the old high school gang, drama free. Luckily I spent most of the night with two of my long-time best friends, Andree and Deanna.

2011 meant my LAST semester of college. 
I had a really challenging 9 hours of course credit that stood between me and graduation:
-Professional Selling (joke)
-Senior Seminar and Leadership in Hospitality (still somewhat of a joke) although we did read Danny Meyer's "Setting the Table." If you are a foodie or into leadership, check it out! He tells a truly inspirational success story!
-Strategic Management and Business Policy- (NOT a joke, considering I didn't even fully understand the title of the class) However, I learned lots about company policy, and CEO's, aka learned what my Dad actually does with his life, so I guess that was insightful...

Brittany and Leah also made it back to Tallahassee for a Phi Mu family reunion. The night consisted of breaking Brit's fiance, Dave, into our family antics... and lots and lots of tequila of course.

I was also still working at good 'ol Logan's Roadhouse. Oh the waitressing days filled with such kind-hearted, classy, Tallahassee locals...See the end of this previous post for my thoughts on this fine dining establishment. Yeee Haw!
A server's worst nightmare...

February...why was that the hardest word I've ever had to spell in my adult life?

This was one of my rougher college months.
Things finally hit the fan with the roommate situation. There's only so many drug-induced girl-on-girl ragers and roommate live-in boyfriends I could handle before I decided to move out. Wouldn't you know the only place my lease would transfer me free of charge was the hood of all Tallahassee hoods. Here is video documentation I sent my mom. I'm sure she rested easily knowing this was where I spent my last 4 months of school... woops!

Excuse the sweat and lack of makeup, yikes. 

On a lighter note, we took a trip to the big apple for Deanna's 22nd birthday which was a blast! 

Also, I worked at the Tallahassee Bridal Expo for the travel agency! Having an internship planning Honeymoons was like, the best thing ever! Another added perk was actually humoring some of the locals who really thought that they could afford a honeymoon in Tahiti...but hey, let them dream I suppose. 


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