Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheese and Pumpkin Don't Mix

I am going to place sole blame of this whole culianary fiasco on Home and Garden Magazine. While I was working yesterday I cut out a bunch of tasty Halloween recipes that looked promising for last night and the weekend. My roommates and I had already planned on pumpkin carving festivities and I figured we could put the leftover pumpkin to good use. Little to my knowledge, the pumpkin you carve is NOT the same as the pumpkin you bake with. 
We removed the pumpkin gunk.....
And made our own pumpkin puree with "pumpkin spices"...
It looks like such a well thought out meal.. :(
SEE IT LOOKS NORMAL....yet tasted like pumpkin cheesy mush

The boyfriend so politely pointed out that putting something sweet like pumpkin with something savory like mac and cheese will undoubtedly be cheese on whipped cream. WHATEVER.

Then I moved on the focus on these mummy cupcakes that didn't turn out too beautiful either. Since this was becoming a long process my lovely, wonderful, talented boyfriend took over my pumpkin carving project. Of course I was trying to be school spirited and the Florida State logo just happens to be a little tricky. The poor guy definitely dedicated an hour and a half of his life to not screwing up my lovely FS stencil shape.
My challenged mummy cupcakes...clearly this was just not my cooking/baking day 

Corn holders are totally the way to go...
 Excuse the sideways's me against my work computer and I NEVER win. 

But I'd say he did a pretty darn good job. He and I both knew I would give up after 5 minutes of attempting this carving feat so he's a trooper. :) I might still paint it with some gold glitter eeeeee! Can't wait for Halloween weekend and 3 days off!!!!!!


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