Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running > Rolling

Now that this arctic cold front has broken and the beautiful fall weather is here I have been trying to keep up a better running routine. I like to run on this bike path that parallels I-66 near my place. Let me emphasize that it is in fact a bike path. I am the last person to hate on the cycling community. However, some of you people are freaking NUTS. I have created categories for each and every one of you special bikers. Read on my friends and tell me you don't agree....

1. The speed racer
Chill out Lance Armstrong. Seriously...I wonder if a pedestrian has ever been killed by a cyclist. These are the die hard riders whipping around the turn almost knocking you off the sidewalk. You're ripped and like to ride super-fast we get it. One thought: over-compensating.

2. On the pedals of death
These are the people trudging up the hill, face bright red and looking like they are about to breathe their last breath. If you are out of shape perhaps biking up this steep freaking hill was a bad choice. No amount of burned calories is worth that very obvious amount of pain.

3. Judgmental Judy
Those people who stare you down for running on the bike path. I'm pretty sure that this is an equal opportunity cement walkway you jerks. I don't need to be grilled because I'm not decked out in race day gear complete with blinking reflective light. Is that thing really necessary?! IT'S BROAD DAYLIGHT. That thing is going to trigger a seizure on an innocent epileptic child or something. 

4. Tipsy turvy get-out-of-my-lane 

These are definitely the most distinct of the biking family. You know, the people swerving dangerously in your direction like a five year old without training wheels. If you cannot maintain a center of gravity and point the bike in a straight direction, perhaps this isn't the hobby for you. I shouldn't have to bolt out of the way of your reckless path you armature.

Moral of the story:

If I have made the magnificent effort to get out and exercise, I would like to do so in peace! I don't care if it's a "bike path," CLEAR THE AREA DURING MY RUN. I would love for it to just be me, my pandora, the fall leaves, oh and the scenic view of the bumper to bumper rush hour traffic on I-66. 

And that's all I have to say about that.

Until next time my lovely followers. 



kelleyfinneganblog said...

You are so cute. The end. :)

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