Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Arlington is the best place EVER

I have come to decide that the lovely DC suburb of Arlington is seriously the most ideal place in the world to live if you are a twenty-something recent college grad. My roommates and I joke that we are never leaving and raising our purely hypothetical children in our townhome ten years from now. (Hypothetical because the three of us are NOT in favor of sacrificing our figures in the name of reproduction. Priorities.)
 Even Newsweek agrees, placing Arlington at the #2 spot of America's 50 best cities. :)

Here is why I love it:

1. Housing options
Unlike most cities, there is the option to live in any type of home you please! We live in a townhouse which is so ideal. There is no one stomping above you or below you like in a high rise, but there isn't the full maintenance factor of a house.
so many cute houses!
And if high rise city living is your thing, we've got those too! I can't imagine the moving process in one of these buildings. No thanks.
Like I said, personally I think townhouses are the way to go. We've got a nice deck, hardwood floors, a garage, all 2 blocks from the metro! Talk about best of both worlds! (No this isn't our place, but near our neighborhood. Gotta protect ourselves from the creepers out there)

2. Everyone's young and there's a real neighborhood
I'd say if you hit the Arlington bars everyone is between the age of 23 and 30. That's another thing...the bars of course. If you don't feel like riding the 4 stops on the metro or paying around $5 each for cab fare into DC, the Arlington bars are always an easy alternative. Honestly we're lazy and the nights that we actually make the 5 mile journey into DC are way too far and few between. When the Clarendon neighborhood is bustling every night of the week it is hard to find motivation to leave. 
$5 big beers from 11AM-9PM at Hunan and $4 sushi rolls...what a happy hour

Gotta love the rooftop bars in the summertime :)
 ...and so many live bands!!!
3. Location, location, location
While it's not cheap living on the same street as the metro, it's super convenient, and we're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from DC! Yes, I just used that phrase. 

When I worked in Georgetown I would actually run home because it was THAT close (and to avoid the crazies on the bus)
Horse country where my mom lives is only 20 minutes away as well...even though she's moving away from me now that I've moved back. :( Wine Country is also only about 30 minutes in the other direction... ;)

Finally, my biggest selling point when I was looking at moving to thing I missed the most during my 4 years in Tallahassee....
No caption necessary.

Basically, I'm loving life. Hope all of you are too where ever you are! Have a great weekend, scalp 'em seminoles! We need a win!!!!!


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