Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nature is NOT my friend

To continue on with my exercise escapades...I had another lovely incident on Tuesday. This time no bikers or actual human beings were involved, it was something much greater... freaking mother nature. 

I have a fabulous sense of direction, let's just put that out there. I noticed this awesome park on my drive back from the airport the other day filled with happy runners right along the GW Parkway. The leaves are turning and I thought it would be the perfect place for a beautiful, scenic run! I assumed after seeing the park so many times I'd know how to find it again...but of course I was wrong. DC IS A MAZE!
To get to the park (which is in the direction of DC) I needed to go South NOT North from Virginia...because that makes sense. Anywho, my dumb self went Northbound and ended up going deeper into Virginia somehow and stumbled upon a completely different park called "Turkey Run". At this point I was flustered and frustrated so I figured I'd give it a shot. 
Like... where the heck was I...?

I took the exit and drove up this windy empty road following the signs for the park to a deserted parking lot and trail entrance. It was about 5PM but still sunny and therefore I determined that my strong will to exercise should outweigh the empty sketchiness of the mountain land before me.
At this point I was ready for this long-anticipated run. I parked, put on my headphones, and headed down the trail towards the water. In all fairness it was really pretty, and I was definitely the only person there. (Lets just disregard the fact that I was alone, in the middle of nowhere where no one knew I was, with headphones in, clearly oblivious to my surroundings...SAFE...) Whatever! At this point I was going to run and it was going to be GREAT...and it started out just that way. 
About a half-mile through I realized why it was labeled as a hiking trail opposed to a walk/running trail. Apparently, the word "hike" was not to be taken loosely. On top of looking over my shoulder for an attacking Yetti every 10 seconds I had to dodge, leap, and climb over all sorts of branches and wildlife. Not to mention the spider webs and bugs flying in my face.!!!!

Then about 2 miles in I reached my breaking point. After about 15 near ankle-rolls I approached the second area where you literally had to HOP ACROSS ROCKS/BOULDERS to cross the stream in order reach the other side of the trail. 
Woops...I left my walking stick and safari hat at home...
I felt like freaking Sassy the cat in the movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Don't act like that wasn't one of your favorite childhood movies. We all remember what happened to poor Sassy when she was trying to cross on the rocks, down the river she went. I was NOT ready for a swim so I finally surrendered and declared yet another fitness failure
The fact that this picture exists on google is priceless
My big sister in my sorority Anna would tell me this is what I get for trying to exercise. I guess you're right (for once). Sitting on my couch eating a pint of ice cream probably would have been about equally as productive and much more safe and satisfying.

A co-worker told me another fun place to run so I'm sure I'll be blogging next week about how I somehow messed that up too. TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT. 

ANDDD just to add...I had my first lost child call in at work in the middle of writing this post. He got separated from his group at the Lincoln Memorial...AHHH. Reason #230823 why I WILL have leashes for my kids. 

Enjoy the rest of your week/weekend everyone! I have to work all through it, :( but I have Halloween weekend off so I guess that's nothing to complain about. Safe and happy exercising! 


Anna said...

I love everything about this post. Like...just visualizing your frustration makes my day.

FROYO on the couch or spider webs in my face? TOUGH DECISION.

And child leashes are the BEST invention ever. Why anyone would let their offspring roam freely BAFFLES me.

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