Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costumes Galore!

With Halloween coming up the costume ideas are brewing. Unfortunately, I gave away ALL of my awesome sorority costumes/outfits which isn't so convenient in times like these. Here's a trip down costume memory lane in pretty random order. (This work computer is not my friend) Socials and playing dress up at way too old of an age was clearly the main reason I joined a sorority....

This was the first outing with the DC roomies at the Legwarmers concert. It was short-lived for me thanks to the purple panty dropper cocktails.. Amanda and Lindsay cough cough...

Hippies and Hunters Social. This also happened to be my last Phi Mu social...tear.
Ah Halloween 2011 at Bullwinkles. This is one of my favorite pictures with my 2 of my favorite people.

Dressing like an absolute nut for a week was one of the many amazing parts about being a Rho Gamma (Recruitment Counselor)

My "Ice Cream Paint Job" 21st birthday. AKA best night of my life to date.
Caroline's "Miss America" 21st
Phi Mutany 2011...I should have burned this costume after that night.
Jackie's Woodstock 21st!
"Lets Get Weird" for Katherine's 21st Birthday...self explanatory for her... I'm creeping in on the left next to Reynolds
Halloween during the infamous Sophomore year. I think this was one of 7 costumes considering we went out that entire week.
I'm pretty sure this was another Halloween night either Freshmen or Sophomore year. Oh Megan how classy we were. Not to mention I lost that gun before we even got to the bar. 

Oh this might be the most special. Not only was this freshmen year, but it was Siedah's first Halloween celebration EVER! (She was deprived as a child) We're not going to awknowledge the fact that our roommate to the right may or may not have been the one who slapped me across the face in the Spring.
I miss you Sarah!!! This was her 19th or 20th birthday luau I believe. We were TGI Friday's bffs for my first year in college before she and Kels moved back home. :(
Having a photoshoot during the muster drill on the cruise was definitely necessary...such a great vacation!
Chy Town and I before the Discovery Channel social I believe.
TIA AND TAMERA! Our New Orlean's alter egos were back in action on Jess' pub crawl.
Let me just clarify that this was for a "WHITE TRASH BASH." UF = vomit. My shirt says "I LUV THE GAYTORS" if ya can't telllllll. ;)
Eric I couldn't resist...the night he and Ryan tried to crash our "When I Grow Up" social bahahah
Some social..I think I was a cop? Who knows lol
It's forecasted to snow this Halloween. Oh Washington D.C. what you do to me. I miss Florida!!!! I guess I'll be looking a little more pale and a little less naked this Halloween which probably isn't such a bad thing. Hope everyone has a safe and spooky weekend!!


Anna said...

I love the amount of times I appear in this post. As it should be.

Meg said...

The last picture is from the rescue me social with ato. Lol. Epic.

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