Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY: Scrapbook Paper Photo Frames

As many of you know, the room decorating process is an ongoing part of my life. I am trying to avoid the decoration overload to the point where it's obnoxious. I'm definitely straddling the line. There are just so many great things and so little wall space!!!!

I've seen this idea a couple times, and once Lauren Conrad put it in her blog clearly I was sold. This is the perfect alternative to framing photos if you've already gone picture-crazy in your room like I have! Plus, it's super cheap and simple if you get your frames somewhere like Home Goods. 

1. Purchase scrapbook paper and frames from your local craft store 
2. Put the paper in the frames...shocking, I know
3. I decided to add my first name initial to the center frame because I'm really vain like that

4. Finally, (about 20 holes in my wall later) it is complete! As you can see the Friday Night Lights Marathon is still going. Oh Tim Riggins <3. Don't judge me. 
Happy decorating! Can't wait until the holiday season!!!!! :)


Meg said...

quats!!!! <3

Anna said...

TIM! <3<3

bradys bearss said...

I am aggravating to abstain the adornment afflict to the point area it's obnoxious. I'm absolutely straddling the line.

picture framing

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