Thursday, November 10, 2011

Having an off day?

Well world, this has been one of those days. I don't know about all of you, but it's rainy and cold in the district, and everything has just been off today. I blame it all on one thing...I do-not-sleep-in.

In my opinion, sleep is severely overrated. Do you know how much you could be getting accomplished in the morning rather than laying in your bed like a useless dead body?! Hence the reason why me sleeping past 9am NEVER happens. I don't care if I've been up all night, if it's a weekend, or if I have nothing to do the next day. I literally can't make my body sleep in.

This morning for absolutely no reason at all I woke up around 11am which TOTALLY threw off my whole day. I worked at 2pm today (in theory) and had a ton of things I needed to get done before that. So I showered and got ready quickly so I could head to one of my LEAST favorite places on earth to pick up a birthday present for my little brother and sister...Toys R Us. 
While this used to be the most magical place on earth (after Disney World) to me while I was little, I have now come to realize that most Toys R Us' are in sketchy areas and are complete dumps. Do I freaking know what 8 year old boy/girl twins want for their birthdays?! Especially since they already have EVERYTHING possible in the entire universe. Not kidding. 

So clearly I buy this plastic dog Nintendo DS contraption that I saw advertised in TV. It was 50 bucks so no way I was springing for two. Knowing my father this is a huge mistake. I'm sure I will get a phone call when they get it saying they're either fighting over it or don't like it. "WHY WOUDLN'T YOU GET TWO OF THEM!!!" or "THEY ALREADY HAVE THIS!!!" It's really a thankless job. One year I got them all a different stuffed animal from Finding Nemo. One didn't like the turtle one so they returned it for a different character. Then she decided she wanted it back a day later and they couldn't find another one so they had the nerve to call me to send a new one. I wish I could make this stuff up. I'm still somewhat bitter that they were born 3 months early, miraculously 2 days before my birthday. But I love the little tyrants so I always send them something even though it never ends well for my team. 

After this adventure I went to Target to get a gift bag and the cashier lady who was overly joyous and had all of 5 teeth rang up the tissue paper twice. I was too afraid of her to say anything and just paid for it...

Then by the time I got to the Fed-Ex to ship the dumb thing to Georgia and out of my life, it turns out that it would cost another $50 to get it there by Saturday on their birthday. So they will be getting their present on my birthday instead. SORRY.

I had plenty of time to get to work but naturally had no idea how to get there from the hood of Alexandria by the Toys R Us where I was. So after getting lost about 50 times I ended up by my work that was all of 5 miles away 30 minutes later. I stopped by Carribou Coffee to get something to help me survive the next 6 hours at work. They broke out their holiday stuff which brightened my day. For those of you Floridians who don't know...Carribou > Starbucks any day. I tried the new ho ho mint white mocha...DELICIOUS. 

I casually strolled into work right around 2pm with my coffee, oblivious and carefree. I chit chatted with my coworker and dealt with some student travel craziness. As soon as he pulled away it dawned on me that I was supposed to come in an hour early for him so he could leave on a vacation with his wife. I felt like the biggest jerk in the world!!!! 

Anyone who knows me knows this is completely out of my character. I do not miss ANYTHING. And look at me, I just sailed on in an hour late with my coffee and he literally didn't even bring it up. Poor guy. I called him and apologized profusely and luckily it worked out because his wife couldn't leave early anyways. STILL. I am a moron. 

Moral here people:
Things hit the fan when you break your routine and too much sleep isn't a good thing in my life.


I know all of you really cared about this annoyingly detailed story about absolutely nothing.

It's my birthday week I do what I want. Like every other week. 


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