Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The pro's and con's of post-grad life

My current jam for the week...love citizen cope :)
My trip this weekend sparked some realizations about the good and bad of taking the big leap into grown up world...

+You can go back for every football game and homecoming and party like you’re in college, without having to worry about tests or class the next day

-Your biggest worry is a little bit more extreme than that accounting test you need to pass, deciding who you're going to bring to the next formal, or what outfit you’ll be wearing to the next social
+ You might still have to do bitch work but at least you get paid for it (theoretically if you aren’t an intern for life like me)
+  When you reunite with your college friends, absolutely nothing has changed
- They aren’t all living within 4 miles of you anymore, but at least there’s a reason for you to visit all over the country now!
+You get to have crazy raccoon flying road trips with your sorority sisters to Tallahassee
+You can act as crazy as you want, get kicked out of po’boys downtown...yes not even a bar, a restaurant (Cat Nall cough cough) and not have to take responsibility for any of your actions because you’ll be out of town within 24 hours! How we escaped discipline all of our sorority years still amazes me
- You have to stay with friends if you still have any that live there. Luckily my little is 2 years younger than me and always opens up her apartment to Shannon and I when we’re in town. Oh, and real world rent is about triple the amount college life rent. I miss my walk in closet. Humh.
+You can meet up with your best friends, sorority sisters, favorite frat boys, Destin internship friends, freshmen year roommate, and Panhellenic recruitment counselor buddy all in one day
- You can’t spend all your spare time laying out at the pool, or at least I can’t given the climate difference and lack of free public pools in Arlington…oh ya and the fact that I don’t have spare time
- It’s hard to average a $10 or less bar tab in post grad life
+You can still be that crazy person who starts the fight song in the middle of the bar every 15 minutes…nobody knows you don’t go there anymore…maybe one day we’ll learn the right words Shan!
- Neon tank tops and frat wear is no longer acceptable everyday life wear…although I still rock it to the gym and get some crazy looks
- Your body is no longer used to the 10 hour tailgate and post-game shot rampage and you spend all of Sunday hugging the toilet (love you Reynolds! ;))
+ You will always have your best friends, 4 years of memories, and those couple times a year where you can go back and relive it all again…in a little more of a responsible, “mature” manner….well that might be a stretch.

The weekend was a success! Even if it was a Seminole loss I can’t imagine NOT being in Tallahassee with my favorite people for such a huge game.
Now this week college is coming to me with big and little coming up at the end of the week. I don’t know if Arlington is ready! Hope everyone has recovered from the crazy weekend, especially you Reynolds! Have a fantastic week!



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