Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Airplanes and Life

You know it's funny. I've traveled a TON this summer, and every time I've gotten on a plane I've felt a sudden stress. I usually have this huge to-do list, tense shoulders, sweating palms, and an agenda a mile long to occupy my flight time. On my flight to Atlanta today that was just not the case.
I wouldn't say I'm settled in my lifestyle to say the least. Again I'm finding myself at a career crossroads as my current plans don't seem to be taking form. This crisis would have sent me into a stress-filled downward spiral a month ago, but now I'm at some sort of a weird peace.

Taking another conventional serving job that I thought would be a breeze has proved to be hardly the case. I have realized I don't quite have that restaurant hustle or finesse that the most skilled fine dining servers seem to exude effortlessly. Clearly, I'm still me and I have a plan B, C, and D, but I'm not overly concerned that it won't work out. I'd hate to say I'm getting complacent, but maybe rather calmly realistic. Let's face it, I think I'm a seasoned vet of the job search and career change at this point. Everything will work out as it should I suppose.
I've realized there's bigger things in life than what you do. I'm currently sitting at my brothers and sister's gymnastics practice along with the rest of the moms. While it freaks me out in the sense of procreation, it's funny to see how priorities can change in a good ten to fifteen years and what defines your purpose.
I feel pretty lucky to be able to jet set down to Florida and see all my best friends, and also have great friends at home that I'll miss even though it's only a 5 day trip. If anything I think that the relationships I have with others will prevail over any big timer job decription on my business card. Although, I hope I get there someday.

This vaca will also include some father daughter shopping and some very necessary college reunions. What the heck do I have to be stressed about?! At least not for this week....

P.S. The big day is this Saturday...GO NOLES! I think Tallahassee is going to be in rare form :)


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Get this baby talk OUT OF HERE.

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